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Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Complete Review


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Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Complete Review

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Table of Contents

The ring to cage boxing gloves really is inconceivable gloves. Much the same as my Winnings it’s elusive any genuine cons. R2C was effective in making an increasingly reasonable Winning other option. The general execution and configuration genuinely rival Winning all things considered for a large portion of the cost.

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Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves

You can’t turn out badly with getting a couple for yourself. Clearly in the event that you can manage the cost of Winning, at that point get yourself the best yet in case you’re more on a careful spending plan or in the event that you need to test to check whether Winning is your style, at that point get the Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves. These are my second most loved gloves with just Winning themselves beating them, generally really momentous gloves.


  • Execution
  • Quality
  • Development
  • Plan
  • Cushioning
  • Security
  • Cost
  • Custom alternatives
  • Wide/level plan
  • Dull calfskin


  • Insignificant QC issues
  • No vent gaps
  • Harsh external and inward tag
  • Some stun in the wrist
  • Wide/level plan
  • Dull calfskin

Ring to cage Boxing Gloves

The C17s are Ring to Cage’s endeavor to make a glove that could contend with the incredible Winning. The vast majority allude to these as clones or reproductions, uneducated individuals will venture to call them modest knockoffs. They are none of these. Ring to Cage calls them, “MMA Japanese style,” gloves and this is an extraordinary depiction. Another, the increasingly adequate name could be, “Winning roused,” on the grounds that while they used Winning gloves as a format, R2C certainly added their own style to them. I utilized these before I got my Winnings, they’ve been with me for around a year or all the more at this point. These were my go-to gloves before Winning tagged along.

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Much the same as Winning this utilization a layered cushioning. Because of the cushioning, they have a messed up in learn about the right of the container. When you get them you can proceed to fight immediately. With regards to assurance, they’re nearly comparable to Winning.

One thing to contemplate however is that the wrist support isn’t tantamount to Winning particularly the velcro renditions. While I haven’t hurt my wrists utilizing them, I do feel some stun when tossing left snares. I wound up getting R2C’s wrist cushion to help include more help. Again, I never harmed my wrists while utilizing these gloves however I felt the stun of the effect shoot through.

ring to cage c17 Japanese style boxing gloves

Comparable to the cushioning is I have figured out how to punch through it when utilizing the 16oz gloves. A decent left snare on the overwhelming sack and I could feel each knuckle interface. This didn’t hurt my hand at everything except it’s something important in light of the fact that I haven’t figured out how to do this with my 14oz MS-500s.

This is a direct result of how delicate the ring to cage boxing gloves Style cushioning is, it’s marginally less thick than Winnings. Comprehend this has just occurred on the substantial sack and not during competing. Additionally, I punched through 16oz gloves while utilizing twofold the knuckle cushioning that I would use on my Winnings.

ring to cage c17 boxing gloves

These gloves perform unfathomably regardless of what you put them through. They’re no ifs, or buts universally handy gloves. As of now, my 16oz C17s are for the most part utilized for pack work while the 12oz are utilized for gloves. As I would like to think however the ring to cage c17 boxing gloves are best utilized for fighting. Much the same as Winnings, these gloves work admirably at securing the client as well as the competing accomplice also.

Most fighting accomplices even favored getting hit by the 12oz C17s rather than my 16oz Tokushus, I concur with them as well. Getting hit by the Tokushus or Power locks is best depicted as a crashing, jolting feel, it resembles you can nearly feel it harming your cerebrum while the C17s feel all the more soothing and more like a stinging vibe as opposed to a jostling one. Getting hit clearly still damages yet these gloves improve work than 95% of the gloves out there at securing competing accomplices. The C17s and Winnings are the best fighting gloves I’ve at any point utilized, easily.


Because of the cushioning and materials utilized, the solace of these gloves is faultless. The liner utilized is practically indistinguishable from Winning. My lone genuine issue with the solace of the ring to cage boxing gloves is an offensively unpleasant label that they use. My 12oz gloves had the tag outwardly, a brisk cut with some scissors disposed of it quick. My 16oz gloves then again, the tag is sewn on the top of the wrist liner which is simply awkward and strange. I really need to wrap further down my lower arm to make sure I don’t feel the label scratch me.

The cushioning works admirably at embellishment to your hand. Not even once have I felt any uneasiness utilize more hand wraps to include support. In any event, when utilizing one Le Roy wrap for my knuckles and one Mexican style wrap for my wrist, the gloves despite everything feel great.

ring to cage c17 2.0 Japanese style boxing gloves

ring to cage c17 2.0 Japanese style boxing gloves
ring to cage c17 2.0 Japanese style boxing gloves

The thumb is again motivated by Winning. The C17s utilize a straight thumb which encourages you to make the best clench hand. While the thumb utilized by Winning is marginally better this one is as yet mind-boggling. I have discovered that the thumb on the 12oz gloves is somewhat brief time on the 16oz the cushioning closes before the real end of the thumb. You can feel where the cushioning stop on the top of the thumb and keep in mind that this doesn’t unquestionably not something I find in my Winnings.

In general, the solace of these gloves truly equals Winning. There aren’t numerous gloves out there that can offer this sort of solace. One of the fundamental reasons with respect to why I got some 16oz Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves was a direct result of the solace. I needed some new sack gloves on the grounds that the Tokushus made my hands seize up quickly. The C17s have never caused this then again and they offer practically indistinguishable insurance.

Quality/Durability of Ring to Cage C-17 Gloves

The nature of these things unquestionably doesn’t coordinate Winning. Considering they’re a large portion of the cost however that will be normal. Indeed the C17s are most likely the best quality apparatus that R2C offers. The materials utilized are mind-boggling. The cowhide then again isn’t anyplace close to the Winning level however it’s an extraordinary workhorse calfskin. It kept going very well for me regardless of what I put it through. The minor issue with the cowhide is that some think of it as kind of terrible, it’s level, basic, and simply exhausting by and large. Actually I like it, however, not as much as my Winning yet I like the look particularly after a little calfskin conditioner.

My dark 12oz gloves had a few issues, not much, however. For instance, there was free sewing on the wrist logo, rising of the calfskin, the channeling was not cut clean it seemed as though somebody just tore it, the cowhide of the funneling additionally had calfskin scratched off. None of those brought down the exhibition yet they were certainly pointless errors.

ring to cage c17 review

The red 16oz  or ring to cage c17 review is fit as a fiddle by and large. The sewing is better, generally speaking, perfect and clean. The funneling closes despite everything looked horrible however none of the calfskins was scratched off. The main problem was that one of the thumbs was kind of smoothed yet that is because of helpless bundling, again no biggie and the thumb is as yet agreeable.

Both the 12oz and 16oz C17s are consistent with weight. The 12oz tipped the scales at 12.3oz for the correct glove and 12.1oz for the left. The left 16oz glove weighs 16.2oz while the privilege is 16.1oz. The two variations have equitably circulated weight which implies they don’t twist at the wrist. They do feel somewhat awkward yet nothing extraordinary and again there’s no give at the wrist by any stretch of the imagination.

Like I referenced before, I’ve claimed these gloves for some time they despite everything perform all-around great. That as well as they despite everything LOOK all-around great. Indeed, even though innumerable rounds on the substantial pack these gloves have held up extraordinary. With regard to solidness and quality, you unquestionably get your cash’s worth. I really plan on getting some 18oz C17s next. These gloves haven’t frustrated me by any stretch of the imagination.

Japanese boxing gloves

ring to cage c17 review
ring to cage c17 review

These gloves are motivated by Winning in pretty much all ways imaginable. R2C alludes to them as, “Japanese style,” gloves which extremely just signifies, “Winning motivated.” That’s clearly not a terrible thing, on the off chance that anything it might just be R2C’s best choice up to this point. They took an unfathomable fruitful glove and added some slight changes to the glove itself as well as the cost as well.

Really the most ideal approach to depict the general plan of these gloves is by calling them, “smoothed Winnings.” They have a substantially more level structure which is certainly not a terrible thing by any stretch of the imagination, it causes the glove to feel somewhat greater because of the width, however. The level profile offers a more extensive hand compartment which by and by I consider an improvement as Winning is a smidgen cozy.

On account of the delicate froth and straight thumb, these gloves permit you to make a perfect clench hand. Typically in light of my little hands and the structure of most gloves, I can’t genuinely hold a grasping bar just as I ought to be capable as well. That is not the situation with the C17s however, both the 12oz and 16oz, I can make an ideal clench hand and genuinely grasp the bar. As I referenced previously, the straight thumb on the two gloves does have slight issues however they’re not finished imperfections. They’re increasingly slight disturbances however they despite everything don’t demolish the general structure.

A snappy rundown for the plan is much the same as I stated, level Winnings. They aren’t precise clones, that is not what R2C was going for and they certainly aren’t modest thump offs. The gloves are Winning motivated with slight changes that really help the general plan. For instance, the more extensive hand compartment is better for greater individuals instead of the littler, minimal Winning. R2C additionally utilized a standard velcro conclusion which as I would like to think is a superior plan decision than Winnings strange, meager velcro lash. I wish R2C executed vent gaps in their C17s also, while they aren’t required they would have been an invited expansion. R2C likewise utilizes a little versatile for the wrist to keep the channeling from packing up on the velcro variations.

ring to cage c17 Cost

The cost is presumably the best quality R2C 17C gloves have. For around $100 and an extra $30 or so for custom forms, you get Winning style gloves for a large portion of the cost of real Winnings. I need to state that is totally mind-boggling. I own one set of Winnings and two sets of ring to cage C17 Boxing Gloves in view of that $100 sticker price. The C17s are clearly progressively moderate and thus and the exhibition they’re certainly the ideal option in contrast to Winning.

Likewise, remember that you have a vastly improved possibility of getting the Ring to cage C17 Boxing Gloves marked down than you do with Winnings. As a side note, however, while these gloves are high caliber, sturdy gloves, they don’t coordinate Winning in that angle since Winnings $200 sticker price is likewise advocated.

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